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Long-term residential property management in BOP

Beach Rentals BOP are proud to have achieved and be certified as an Elite Partner of providing us with the legalities in all aspects of Property Management where we are able to utilize the compliance and technology of portal services.  We are proud to display these in our office here at Beach Rentals along with our certification for Data Security and Privacy Assurance Statement. 

We use a specialized “Cloud” and desktop based property management software which ensures the successful management of your property.

Seeking qualified tenants for 2, 3 & 4+ bedroom properties. Contact us for a free appraisal! Explore our professional management services and unlock rental potential for your investment.

Advertising and Letting of Property

We employ strategic marketing tactics to effectively advertise your property and successfully secure tenants. Our tailored approach ensures maximum visibility across various platforms, facilitating a swift and optimal letting process.

Tenancy Selection Including Reference Checks

Meticulous tenant vetting is pivotal. We conduct thorough reference checks to ensure suitability, reliability, and adherence to leasing standards, providing you peace of mind with your chosen tenants.

Rent Collection

Our streamlined system ensures timely rent collection, providing convenience and consistency for both landlords and tenants.

Bond Collection and Lodgements

Handling bonds securely and professionally, we ensure proper collection and lodge them in compliance with regulations, safeguarding both parties' interests.

In-going and Outgoing Inspections Including Photos

Detailed property inspections at key stages provide a comprehensive overview of property condition, backed by visual documentation for transparency.

Four Routine Property Inspections Per Year

Regular property check-ups (four times yearly) facilitate proactive maintenance and upkeep, ensuring the property remains in top condition.

Advice and Arrangement of Repairs and Maintenance

Offering professional guidance and organizing necessary repairs and maintenance tasks to uphold the property's value and functionality.

Land Rates, Water Rates, and Insurance Payments

We manage these payments on your behalf, ensuring seamless handling and timely collection from tenants when requested.

Administering the Execution of the Tenancy Act

We ensure compliance with the Tenancy Act's regulations and requirements, managing administrative aspects efficiently.

Tenancy Mediation and Tribunal Attendance

In case of disputes or necessary mediation, our team offers support and attendance at tribunals, facilitating a fair resolution.

Fund Management

Funds are meticulously handled through our secure Commercial Trust Account, ensuring transparency and security.

Monthly and Year-end Financial Statements

Detailed financial reports are provided monthly and at year-end, offering clear insights into financial matters and property performance.

Rental Commission

8.5% + GST on all payments collected.

7.5%+GST on all authorised accounts paying on behalf. For arrangement and paying of accounts on major repairs and renovations exceeding $2000 the fee will be 5%+GST.

  • Pre-tenant inspection - Free 

  • Initial 4 weekly inspection - Free 

  • Each inspection will be $50 plus GST

  • Final inspection will be $99 Plus GST

Management Letting Fee (charged to owner) - One weeks rent plus GST. 

Breakdown of the Management letting fees charge:

  • Healthy Home Regulations – Heating, Ventilation, Insulation, Moisture ingress & drainage, draught stopping- at every property we have these areas a focus to be checked and ensured they meet these regulations. 

  • Electrical compliance 

  • Smoke alarms 

  • Upload/download inspections through palace, including photos and documentation 

  • Maintenance planning, arranging quotes and work orders 

  • Centrix & Equinox credit checks, background checks and references 

  • All processes regarding tenancy agreements – New, expired, varied and terminated 

  • Bond lodgment and returns processed through tenancy services  

  • Formal letters to tenants 

  • Ensuring all aspects of Property Management policies are followed in relation to the privacy act 1993, human rights act, the building act 2004, the building code, fair trading act 1986, and Residential tenancies act 1986 

  • Owner management authority administration including insurance information 

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